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Discussion on: Censorship on DEV Community 😢🀐

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Rolf Streefkerk

this is how deals with "difficult" discussions or other viewpoints.
They're either marked as non-constructive or hidden.

Cancel culture is at the root of all of this, you want to start learning from people and taking their viewpoints into account? Stop censoring

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Ben Sinclair

The example Andrew kindly provided wasn't caused by anything DEV did, it was something the post author did. If you wrote a post, you could hide someone's comment.

DEV moderators can flag comments as being in violation of the code of conduct, and if enough agree, or if staff have to weigh in, then the comment can be hidden the way you suggest. That's how the community moderation currently works.

It's not about shutting down other viewpoints, it's more about stopping people from writing comments that are ad hominem attacks on other members: "I think X is a bad technology because Y" is fine, even if everyone else likes Y. "You're an idiot, X is stupid" is not fine, because it's just plain rude - and that's what constitute the majority of collapsed comments. Well, that and spam bots!