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Discussion on: GTA V Loading Time Fix Explained- AKA Why Big O Matters

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Rolf Streefkerk

Considering how highly successful GTA5 is, your loading time analysis doesn't hold ground at all. it doesn't have the impact on customer retention that you claim it does.

Everything is relative and doing web site comparisons with a gaming product is an apples to oranges comparison. They're not the same thing whatsoever.

Finally, creating a product like GTA5 is quite an accomplishment. How many competing products have you seen in the market with similar success?

I think we should be a bit more humble with criticism until every factor is understood.

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Renaissance Engineer Author • Edited

I gave it credit as the single most successful individual media product ever with 6 billion in revenue and counting, still doesn't change the fact that many thousands of people quit the game due to a loading time bug that could have been fixed in a few hours of effort. They objectively left money on the table