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Discussion on: How Expo solved 90% of our mobile deployment issues

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HI! thanks for share your experience with the migration of the bare react native app to expo ecosystem.

I have an app that I want to move to expo ecosystem, but I have two question if you can solve to me :)

Now with expo, you have the option to manage a custom native module? and use it in the app? or only you can use native module from expo environment?

And the last one, with OTA updates you need to wait also the stores approval to deploy the app? I don't quite good understand this part, sorry.

Thanks for your post, very appreciated :)

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Expo Team • Edited on

hello 👋 we're working on supporting custom native modules in the "managed workflow" - more info in the "EAS Build" blog post. EAS Build also works for any react native app, and you can use expo modules in any app too :) so you can incrementally move towards the expo managed workflow as much as you'd like to

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Iagor Moraes

Nice question, I would like to know also when we will be able to start integrating our own custom modules with expo so we can go 100%.

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Margarida Dinis Author


My project uses the Expo managed workflow because luckily we don't need any library that Expo doesn't provide. But I believe that if you use an Expo bare workflow, you'd be able to use most Expo functionalities and add any external native module.

About OTA, once the app is in the store when you run expo publish the bundle gets updated, and the next time the user opens the app it will automatically load the new version! Pretty amazing! You can read more here.

Good luck with moving to Expo!