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Rokas Diedonis
Rokas Diedonis

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Who owns the posts and comments?


I wanted to know in who ahs the copyright to the posts and comments that are listed? Is it or is it the creator of them? Or something else?

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Fraser McTaggart

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  1. Copyright / Takedown Users agree and certify that they have rights to share all content that they post on — including, but not limited to, information posted in articles, discussions, and comments. This rule applies to prose, code snippets, collections of links, etc. Regardless of citation, users may not post copy and pasted content that does not belong to them. Users assume all risk for the content they post, including someone else's reliance on its accuracy, claims relating to intellectual property, or other legal rights. If you believe that a user has plagiarized content, misrepresented their identity, misappropriated work, or otherwise run afoul of DMCA regulations, please email DEV may remove any content users post for any reason.

This makes it seem like the user has ownership of their posts.