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I prefer Fire Fox, Or Brave, but stuck on Chrome.


why are you stuck on chrome?


Because, I'm forced to use Chromebook, as my computer is broken at the moment.

First Choice

I use Vivaldi.com


  • based on chromium so it supports chrome extensions

  • no google tracking

  • I give it a 9.5 out of 10 for custom keyboard bindings support

  • has the best bookmark organizer (left pane tree view) and dedicated bookmark manager. I've seen no other browser that competes.


  • has a handful of bugs, but nothing showstopping

  • is slower than Chrome and Chromium, especially with many dozens of tabs open


They have a free web-based email service at vivaldi.net

Second Choice

I also recommend the raw chromium browser

brew install chromium

choco install chromium

oh, i used to hav a chromebook as my only computer, and its really annoying that you cant download anything on it

ok, ill try them out, thanks for responding!


Chrome and lately using Brave more and more.


I've been using Pale Moon for a few years now on the desktop. I use Chrome on Android.


I havent heard of pale moon, ill check it out


i like all of them especially firefox and brave


Edge since the chromium version has release.


Yeah, edge chrominium is cool