re: Flutter, Ionic, React Native or Xamarin? What you use and why? VIEW POST


I've looked at all 3 and I (still) use Xamarin.

Of the 3 Xamarin is the closest to the respective native platforms and it supports more platforms than the others.

Xamarin allows me to still be a native developer using the same native API's and UI (storyboards and android xml layouts, without having to learn a new user interface framework. C#, the top 5 languages in terms of popularity is very productive. Together with .NET you have a powerful combination, espeically if you're crafting your own backends too using .NET core which is also cross-platform. Now you can share common classes (esp json POCOs) between App and Backend code.

Xamarin allows be to keep abreast of whats new in the respective native frameworks.

I think Flutter is promising, but dart is a very niche language, and its too early to bet on it being a winner.

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