jSON Server with ReactJS

Mário Rodeghiero on July 05, 2018

jSON Server with ReactJS JSON Server helps you to set up a REST API simply and quickly. As they report in the Github repository, you c... [Read Full]
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Do you have the full CRUD Reactjs with json server plz?


Could you write the POST and UPDATE fetch to a table with json server? please,
like u did with GET in the above article?

i dont know how to UPDATE and POST data from json server db.json

JSON-server is ideal for a development environment, but you can still make a GET and POST.
If you want to use a real-time data server, it would be better to use the firebase. and to perform GET and POST you can use the Https://github.com/axios/axios.

This link has a repository using firebase and axios: github.com/mariorodeghiero/reactjs...


Thank you Mario for this article, I have been looking similar to that, along the way found nice JSON tool, jsonformatter.org which helped me to formate and validate json data.


Thank you for liking this article. interesting this link you reported, thanks for sharing ✌🏼

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