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How We Developed a Notes App

rocketechd profile image Rocketech Software Development ・1 min read

We have developed a notes app that is suitable for every person for personal use and for teamwork. Dusfer helps you be more efficient, productive and successful.

▫️ the most necessary sections for everyday life
▫️ templates for notes and tasks
▫️ you can archive, pin, add tags to notes and tasks
▫️ calendar management is synchronized with the standard iOS and Google Calendars
▫️ all your tasks from other services - Trello, Asana, Jira, Booking, Aviasales, AirBnb, etc. will transfer in a convenient form to Dusfer
▫️ to enter the application, you set a 6-digit pin code that can be linked to Face ID or Touch ID.
▫️ you can export your notes and tasks to PDF, DOCX, HTML, TXT
▫️ you can add people to notes or tasks.

Dusfer does not have access to your data, it is stored encrypted on the most reliable European servers.

Try Dusfer 👉🏻

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