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What are your design patterns?

Romain Guillemot
・1 min read

I often feel like the GoF's Design Patterns are considered as the answer to every programming problem. But I also feel like I'm using them once in a while. Then I read the 14 patterns to ace any coding interview question by Fahim ul Haq, and I found them more familiar. Closer to my usual coding experience, but still not close enough. I feel like something is missing in the good dev manual.

Which design patterns are you using every day? I propose these 3:

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Benoît Hubert

Hey Romain! Funny to find you here: your post was just next to mine in the feed :).

As for me, my go-to pattern is the Strategy pattern (well, a variation of it in JavaScript, that is!).

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Romain Guillemot Author

Hi Benoît :)
So we’re living in a small world. Thx for your answer :)