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Discussion on: The Best Book to Read as a Developer

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Robert Laverty

I honestly can't argue that, my dad's been bugging me to read a book on R, but with a strictly JavaScript background (full stack), I just haven't been able to stomach the read. 😐

I have been dabbling into Rust recently which has certainly introduced me to different paradigms, I even started writing my JS more organized.

Thank you for your input friend, appreciate it! 🤗

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Richard Cochrane

My pleasure. A fiction book that I'd recommend is Bicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov. I won't give any spoilers but one thing it highlights is that we become resistant to change as we get older and while I'm pretty open to new things (at least, that's how I think of myself compared to my parents and other non-tech people my age) I nevertheless find myself acting more like the old person not trusting this "new fangled" technology than I ever thought I would. Internet of Things... meh... I'm concerned with the dangers of letting a dev (and his bug) ruin my toaster! AI... Terminator should end all discussion of that. Big Data - big brother is watching. So I find myself having to overcome a natural suspicion as I get older but I'm also not sure whether it's just because I've been in the industry longer so I know how things can go wrong or just my 40 years of age showing. I think a certain amount of time in dev shows you fads coming and going and you tend to want to sit out the first round while the fanboys and girls prove whether it will last. Right now, I'm happy that containerisation is going to stay and learning Docker is my new mountain to climb :-) Good luck with your own journey in learning Robert!