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re: Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience) VIEW POST

re: My comment is directed towards the title of this article. Now, I don't disagree that there isn't a lot of come to Linux from Windows because it's b...

What shocked me was reading your response and a few other's that
are still having hardware/driver issues.

Probably scanners, printers and everything easy overclocking and RGB.

Try anything peripheral that has shitty software to begin with like..Bose speaker.

Printer at usually at least works oob without special drivers but scanner take a trip to the manufacturer. My Epson got Linux drivers support,can't complain but maybe installing the
Exe is faster for most people than figuring out to type apt - ./*.deb

I find amusing how people seems to hate and fear writting into a terminal and prefer to talk to Siri yet they hate to talk to other people on the phone and prefer to message them them, ON THE PHONE. People are weird.

People hate to walk to and wnat to sit on the couch all day but the day that you tell them hey man stay inside they all wanna get out.

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