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re: Entrepreneurs Don't Take Financial Risks VIEW POST


Beware of the other fantasy, that only billionaires are entrepreneurs, or at least successful ones; someone who saves money to start their own business are an entrepreneur, and in many cases are taking a financial risk; the fact that they nay not be a cover in Forbes doesn't mean s(he) is not successful, not everyone aims to be the next Bezos, many just look for freedom, independence, entrepreneur is a freelance, one that open their own restaurant, contractors, small business, etc. Not only Gates and alike are successful entrepreneurs. Is more about the will to make your own thing, not how much you risked or how much you made. Not every entrepreneur have deep pockets nor wealthy families; many take risks and most of them fail. Is the difference of looking for a job and make one.

And you are right, usually comes with a social stigma, most people take entrepreneur as a synonym of unemployed and at least in my country does nothing to your CV.

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