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I think the important question, and the one we tend to forget, mainly because, let's accept it, we are nerds and we like to learn new things, and we make things and what maker doesn't like to have new shinny tools; "why" is the key question to me. Is just because is fashionable and cool? is that a good reason?, well, who I'am to judge, but in any case you should be aware of your reason. Maybe that means more hiring potential. Another things I think are important are: How specific is a tool and how flexible, how resiliant is the ecosystem, what would happend if the parent company or head dev drops the project? how likely is to survive and thrive and no less important, specially if you have control over the tech you use, do you like the new tool? we will learn quickly, work better and enjoy more if you like the tool, talking about productivity without the enjoyment factor is unrealistic. We hate the tool, we wont use it, we will avoid working and learning and we will learn just enough to make it work and rush things.

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