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What is the Microsoft Azure Administrator?

What is the Microsoft Azure Administrator?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator is the most popular Azure certification among candidates. Microsoft Azure Administrator certificate offers the most practical knowledge for managing Azure infrastructure. With this certification you can pivot into any career path for Azure-based roles.

If Azure is the primary workload your business uses, then this cloud certification is an essential Azure certification that you must earn.

If you are completely new to Azure, even if you have a different cloud certification, I highly recommend that you take the AZ-900 first. This reason behind this is that Azure certifications at the associate level are very much difficult to achieve than any other certification, even from other cloud service providers. And Microsoft Azure Administrator certificate although appears to be similar in terms of service, it is very different in practice.

AWS Solution Architect vs. Azure Administrator

If you have any how know with AWS certifications, then you should know that, in terms of importance, it is the equivalent of the AWS Associate Solution Architect.

The Azure Administrator is more like a mix between AWS Developer Associate and AWS SysOps Administrator, in terms of content.

This makes sense because Azure’s cloud architecture is used as a bridge to on-premises solution of Microsoft’s legacy. Therefore, designing cloud-native solutions in the abstract is secondary, where understanding how to bring existing Microsoft-based companies to Azure comes first.

There will be an additional learning curver for those who are going to work in an IT career experiencing Active Directory, Windows serves, and general Windows administration.

Azure is a Windows cloud service provider first, and if you don't own a Windows PC, you may just be able to observe and then directly experience how to use some of Azure's cloud services.

As it is already mentioned earlier, Azure associate certifications are much difficult than other Microsoft Exams or any other cloud service providers, so you need to spend more time for their preparation.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Overview

Microsoft Azure Administrator certification covers the following:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • User, groups and permissions
  • Policies to ensure compliance with resources
  • Infrastructure as code via Azure Resource Manager
  • Manage resources, reach, and subscriptions
  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Disks
  • Multiple storage models through Azure storage accounts
  • Azure Networking (there is a lot to cover here)
  • SLA availability, availability sets, scale sets, application gateway
  • Azure application services for fully managed applications
  • Azure Backup, Azure Monitor
  • and more...

Microsoft Azure Administrator exam doesn't cover things like serverless, databases, and application integration. You can find them in the Azure Developer Certification.

How Do You Get Certified as an Microsoft Azure Administrator?

You can get certified by paying the exam fee and taking the exam at a test center partner with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is partnered with Pearson Vue and PSI Online. Pearson Vue have a network of test centers around the world. They provide in-person and online exams. It is recommended that you should take the exam in person if you get the opportunity. Microsoft has a portal page on Pearson Vue where you can register and reserve your exam. This exam can cost you $165 USD.

Guide for the Preparation of Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam

Microsoft offers guides and sources to brush up on your Azure knowledge. You can also check out MS learn for more in-depth source material. There are one on one Azure certification training courses available online to get a thorough understanding of the features of the platform. Since it is a very application-heavy exam, lab work is important. Using Azure and exploring all the domains is important. It is better to get as much hands-on experience with Azure as possible. Familiarity with its features and the types of questions asked will be helpful in the exam. Solving previous years questions will help you gauge your understanding of the topic very well. Practice tests are a must. Simulate the exam conditions and see how you fare in those tests.

Study4Exam is the only authentic source of practice tests that you can find on the web. With their various customization features you can practice as much as you need and whereever you need. The best thing is that they provide practice tests in two simple formats i.e. Desktop practice tests and Web Engine practice tests. Both are available to run the program in offline and online environment. So that you can practice your Microsft Azure Administrator exams at anytime, anyplace.

Azure Administrator Exams Desktop Practice Test Software

The Azure Administrator Exams Desktop Practice Test Software is loaded with tons of features. The best feature, among all other aspects, is the customization option in Azure Administrator Exams Desktop practice test software. There are a lot of things that you can change according to your need. The software allows you to modify the number of questions you can get in one particular exam. You can have much difficulty by changing the passing marks of the exam. Moreover, you can also have the option to set a time limit to your exam. In this way, you learn time management and try to complete the exam in a fixed time. You cannot get as many features with much less price from anywhere.

Azure Administrator Exams Web-Based Azure Administrator Exams Practice Test

The Web-Based Azure Administrator Exams Practice Test evaluates your preparation with its self-assessment features. You get to know about your deficiency in preparation. This way you know which topics need more of your attention. If you are confident about your preparation, the Web-Based Azure Administrator Exams Practice Test is here to evaluate your preparation. Furthermore, the online engine simulates the actual exam environment with its customizable passing percentage, types of questions and time limiting features which make you experience the real exam scenarios. This boosts your overall confident and makes you more prepared for the PMI Azure Administrator Exams exam.


It is important to verify your knowledge and proficiency in IT architecture through certification exams. Microsoft Azure Administrator Exams can help you further develop in the IT field and create better opportunities in the future. Good luck with the Azure Administrator certification exams!

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