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📊 Workforce and App Privacy Have Changed, So Should You

🌎 Moving fast can create imbalances. Don’t sacrifice your worker privacy for your consumer data privacy in your app; we’ll help you do both well and fast.

If you sped through your digital road map during the pandemic and are looking to fill security and privacy gaps right now, go back and check out my earlier posts:

This post is about making the shift from reaction to preparation so that you are ready for the next moment that requires speed – and set up to scale.

Find Your Balance

In all of these posts, we mention speed and imply pressure. There is always going to be a business reason to get an app to market as quickly as possible. You will discover vulnerabilities that require your immediate attention. And regulations will set deadlines for you.

So there is always going to be more you could do to improve security for your customers, your business, and the rest of the internet. Even for veteran security professionals, the pandemic was a reminder that we still need to pick and choose priorities. If you have an internal security team, lean into their expertise. Give them the time and space to guide you on priorities. Listen to their assessments of risk and let them set a pace that works for your business.

Longer-term security and privacy improvements can have big payoffs. Like the previous posts, these things require action. You’re also going to need to support your existing security team or create one. By support, I mean backing conversations about risks with budget for tools, external vendors, and hiring internal talent.

If you don’t currently have security or privacy teams, we’ll cover a bit of advice on what to look for as well.

Consumers Expect and Deserve Strong Security and Privacy

Let’s also set some context.

There was a time when businesses leaned heavily into just shipping the product. Speed often won over security or privacy.

Consumers are telling us that time is over.

In a recent global survey, McKinsey found that 87% of consumer respondents said security practice concerns would mean they wouldn’t do business with a company, and 71% would stop doing business if it gave away sensitive data without their permission.

The more secure and private app is now the one that keeps and attracts customers.

Security: Longer-Term Planning

If you’re looking to make a dramatic improvement in your cybersecurity, these best practices will help get you there.


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