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Up until 6 weeks ago I worked from home and while did more work hours, the work/life balance was better. I'd start work at about 7am (and get up at about 6:55am), stop at 8:45 to take the kids to school and then meet some local friends for coffee and then a workout until 10:30am. I'd work from 10:30 until 2:45pm when I'd go pick the kids up again, then come home and work from 3:15pm to about 5pm. I'd go out to Taekwondo until 8pm then come home and grab some dinner and work another couple of hours before watching some TV and heading to bed at about midnight.

Now I get up at 5:30am, leave for work/dropping the kids in before school care at 6:15, start work at 7-7:30. Finish work at 4pm, home by 5:15-5:30. I have my evenings completely to myself now but I'm more tired at the end of each day and the work enjoyment is less, purely because of the current schedule.

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