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Discussion on: Starting late: learning to code at 40

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Rob Doyle

Hi Drew. I'm 49 and been in the same boat as you. I used to be in the printing industry which was a dead end job and got made redundant twice. I then thought what the hell and went and did a computing degree which I finished 2 years ago. It was a good experience but learning to code yourself was more relevant to me. From January I am going to start freelancing after a year of front end learning. I still have a way to go and still only at the beginning in many ways.
I still have 20 years of work in me hopefully and we are a long time dead so I'm just going for it and will pick myself up when I fall. Good luck my friend.

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drew Author

Thanks Rob. I'm definitely looking forward to starting a new career. I've worked way too many jobs that either dead ended or were going nowhere to begin with. I'm really enjoying the process of learning. Keep me posted on your freelancing, I'm sure you'll be successful.