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Bootcamp - soyHenry

robertcego profile image Robert Cerdas Gómez ・1 min read

This is going to be a series of posts that I will make every saturday for 4 months(which is the duration of the Coding Bootcamp).

Every post will have the topics that I learned during the week along with coding examples that most likely I had to solve in practice or pair programming.

The Bootcamp is offered by an academy called soyHenry, it's an Argentinian based coding academy that was founded with the mindset to help the latin american community grow in the wonderful world of technology.

This is just something that I want to keep as like some kind of diary, where I can go back and see how much I accomplished during the time that i'm being part of the bootcamp.

A little brief introduction of what i'm going to be doing the next couple of months and something to keep my mind fresh after the classes.

Hopefully I will write something better next time, this is the first time I try to make a "blog" or whatever, so if someone is reading this, my apologies.

I just needed something to take my thoughts out and a better way to digest(i guess) everything I see during the week.

Robert CG

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