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Discussion on: Technical Debt As Debt

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RobertaDavissk • Edited on

But polishing and making code as close to perfection as possible is not always a futile exercise. What makes you think that these programmers are doing nonsense? I'd say that they are just doing their duty as professionals. Yes, their work is not accessible or cheap, but they have the right to demand a redo of their work and ask to be paid for their services. It'll help if you understand this yourself. When I went to Mortgage Broker Cardiff to buy a house, this exemplary professional called me on my cell phone when he wanted to give me another consultation and make sure I understood him well enough. And that's fine. So you shouldn't condemn people like that.

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Adam Braimah Author

If you have another look at what I said, I don't think you'd find it unreasonable, and I wasn't speaking in absolutes - nowhere do I talk about any activity always being futile;

polishing and reorganising code for purist reasons rather than any practical benefit

As an experienced developer, I know that there's a difference between refinement that delivers value (including future maintainabilty) and fiddling with things for the sake of it. On a personal project of course, people can do whatever they like.