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re: Oh geez. OP thinks anti-racism is controversial politics, and being asked to not toss around the word "master" is the same as slavery. How sad. Enj...
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You cannot be anti-racism by being racist towards others!

I am not part of the problem, I am not even NEAR the problem. My problem is people like you who just accuse people of being racist or "part of the problem" and force us (like a master forces a slave) to talk in a certain way, or have opinions EXACTLY like theirs, or change master to main or whatever. Basically, my problem is people like you who are gonna DICTATE how my life should be. SO YEAH, you are my problem! Thanks for showing your face!


If you're biggest injustice is a small, harmless vocabulary change - then consider yourself lucky. Your warped perspective is disturbing

Please stop being negative and toxic. This is a friendly place. Be positive and helpful or just take your hate somewhere else.


No one will come out in Italy saying that the "master/slave" terminology is disrespectiful, but also no one will call the coordinator node "Polentone" (Person from the - usually richer - north of Italy) and the worker nodes "Terrone" (Person from the south of Italy - poorer, culturally backward).

The point that you are missing is that all of this issue with "master/slave" doesn't solve a everyone's problem, or a problem of me and you as Europeans, but a problem that many people of colour in the US has.

The problem is with the US-centric nature of the IT sphere on the internet, where everyone thinks that every other one is American and that has the same sensitivity to the purely American problems.

Fixing something that doesn't solve everything doesn't mean it's not worth fixing. No one's asking you to inconvenience yourself. Make the change whenever and stop crying about it

I was basically saying the same thing, but I did it really badly.

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