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Discussion on: Twenty years of web development, a change is coming!

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Rob Waller

I'm not a massive fan of JavaScript, but I can't see it dying out any time soon. People have been predicting the death of PHP for years and years, but it's still with us.

I like Rust a lot, but it's definitely not a starter language for new developers. Languages like JavaScript, PHP and Python will likely remain popular because they are easy to get going with.

One thing which may change though is Deno will replace Node over the next 5 years or so, certainly on the server side as it solves a lot of the problems Node has.

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Michael Fasani Author

I worked with a guy who wrote a PHP 6 book, the poor guy spent ages on it and then it never happened.

The coolest thing about Deno.... a huge chunk is written in Rust!

Deno Repo Languages

  • TypeScript - 51.9%
  • Rust - 32.7%
  • JavaScript - 13.8%
  • Python - 1.4%
  • C# - 0.1%
  • HTML - 0.1%