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Hi, My Name is Robert Sherling

rob117 profile image Rob Sherling Updated on ・2 min read

Hey! My name is Rob.I've been programming and working with code for only a few years now, but I've been teaching and tutoring for a long, long time. The people that run saw an article series of mine and asked me to post here.

You can find me on GitHub as Rob117

I live in Yokohama, which is right next to Tokyo. I have very high Japanese skills (JLPT N1, JSST 9) and work in a Japanese company developing web apps and sites for the Japanese market. I also do a lot of marketing and translation freelance work for popular websites (if you are reading this on a PC, I can guarantee you've seen a site I translate for).

I do software engineering - mostly web development - for a company called Kayac.

I work with a lot of different technologies. I used to do games, so I worked in C# and C++ a lot, but now I find myself using Rails (and ruby in general) and AWS Tech.

I am currently learning more about react-native and javascript in general. I am not a skilled front-end dev, so normal react is like pulling teeth, but I am liking mobile development quite a bit.

I'm always looking for interesting things to do, so if you think you and I would work well together (or just want to chat), please shoot me a message at rob@ any domain that I own (including the blog domain). You can find more about my contact info on the "about me" page on my site.


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