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re: How to REALLY set up a React Native environment on Mac VIEW POST

re: Hello Rob, this is a great article but unfortunately after doing EXACTLY your install recipe multiple times, the react-native build comes up with t...

I think there was a problem with's notification system. I kept seeing notifications for my articles, but couldn't actually read their contents. I am sorry for the delay in responding.

I need to revisit this article sometime - React Native is a fast-changing ecosystem with a lot happening - just last year, autolinking libraries became a thing and changed a lot of how everything worked. Fast reload functions differently - you can reload screens in-place now when you save your code!

Unfortunately, because of the variance with any given install and your own personal setup (node version, ruby version, xcode and os and Android Studio versions) that I can't help any individual do an in-depth troubleshooting of their own setup.

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