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re: Great work! There is one thing I was not able to follow. For the Android Simulators, this instruction "Grab whatever device you want to test on, t...


When you first downloaded those example devices, it should have given you the ability to choose the available APIs for it (I think, I hope). Did you get a chance to choose, and if not, do you get a chance to choose if you create a new virtual device?


I didn't specifically download any devices. IIRC I just downloaded Android Studio and installed it according to the instructions.
If I create a new device, or edit an existing one, I first get to choose a "hardware profile". Once that is done, I can select a "system image", a listing of images, each corresponding to an API version such as the one in the post. Is this what I need to do then, create a new device instead?

I believe so. Try that and let me know if it works!

That works, thanks!

Just to be clear, I was able to use one of the original simulators as well. I just wanted to point out that part of the article might need some modifications.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

So you didn't have to create a new device?

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