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Discussion on: Which is the Best Static Site Generator and Why?

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Rob McFadzean

"The right tool for the right job" always holds true but in my experience as a freelance developer building sites for clients of all sizes: GatsbyJS is the winner.

Gatsby has the ecosystem through their own plugin library & react libraries which is great and helps speed up development.
More importantly though, it has an extremely powerful graphql-based data pipeline. This is the #1 killer feature for me. Being able to source pages, posts, products, etc from some remote API/admin panel instead of being forced to keep everything inside of the repo (git is painful if not impossible for non devs, lets be honest) makes Gatsby far more versatile than any other static site gen I've used.
A bonus too is asset management (images, styles, etc). This was always a big pain point for me personally with Jekyll. It's possible but it's not great and I often ended up using a giant custom grunt/gulp pipeline. The webpack setup with Gatsby is far, far nicer and almost flawless out of the box.

It's not without it's problems though. It can be a beast to setup and get going right at times but that's the trade off for the power it provides, in my opinion.

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Oyetoke Toby Author

Gatsby does put you on speed