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Have you heard of Async English Podcast?

Hello everyone!

I'm stopping by to introduce you this work that I'm starting. I've been learning English for three years I think, so I decided to start podcasting. Right now, there's a small community on Telegram and Discord, some people are there. Feel free to join us!

The show is called Async English. Since I'm a software engineer, and the big majority of friends, circle, and bubble are from the tech area, I thought the name could represent that. It comes from the asynchronous requests, pretty common in programming.

Anyways. You can find it on almost every platform.

And yes, everything is free. I'm not a teacher, and I don't want to sell you nothing. If possible, I wanna help. Let me know how can I help you with your English goals.

Here are some links :)

Feel free to post or ask something in the comments bellow.

Thanks everyone!

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