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About work

Hey! I've made up my mind about starting to write some thoughts related to work situations, professional life challenges, and especially my professional life.

I'm addicted to computing, operational systems, and mainly Linux. This means that I like to study, learn, to put myself in the line front. And here's a situation that is driving me crazy.

At the time of this post, I work for a very small company called *****. Things here work a little bit differently than usual. Comparing my friends' companies and this one, here's the issue. Normally, on the daily basis, people would be talking about new ideas, suggestions, issues, or improvements that could be done to the product. Discuss what can, what cannot, and what will be changed for a better experience. But not here.

I think that's because everyone (developers) is at the same level, in the same position. There's no hierarchy. Something like a partnership, there's no PO (Product Owner), PM (Product Manager), or manager. This means that is very hard to define the rules, for development, for proposing new ideas, and so. And because of that, when I have an idea, or I want to do something different, or propose a new or smart way of doing the same thing, it's required to convince my colleagues, to negotiate with them. After many tries, I can say they don't want to improve.

At this point, I have two main thoughts: the first would be that you need to be the best at what you do, you must be perfect (about impact, changes, effects). Because people here don't give you space to study or learn. And the second one is that you will be responsible for it, or like I often hear, you'll be the child's father. Like in almost every developer job, that's normal, but here you will be alone. Think about it.

Well, I said, said, and all I did was complain. Sorry about that. Feel free to comment, and share your personal experience.

See ya o/

Originally posted at on Oct 20, 2019, 10:43:35 PM

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