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Twilio Push Notification

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Twilio is used for chat,sms,voice calling,video,notifications & fax.
Here, we are talking about Push notification.
Let’s Start

Apple push credentials configured with Twilio Notifications which you can then use to receive notifications in your iOS app.

Steps to be followed for Push Notification:-

Setup an App ID
Create a Certificate
Create a Credential SID for Twilio

STEP : — 1 Setup an App ID

Login to your apple development account.
Click on App IDs under identifiers sections.
Two Options : Existing App ID & New App ID

OPTION : — 1 Existing App ID

Click on your App IS.
Click on the edit button of app services popup.
Check the “Push Notification” option.
Click on done button.

OPTION : — 2 New App ID

Click on “+” symbol to add a new App ID.
Give your app description.
Give it an App ID that matches to bundle identifier.
Check “Push Notification” option.
Click Continue.
Click submit to create App ID.

STEP : — 2 Create a Certificate

Xcode -> your application -> Target -> General pane

Signing section :- check “Automatically manage signing”

If you are receiving provisioning error message, you need to change Bundle ID to Unique ID.

Let's get to know here in detail: https://medium.com/@rlogicaltech/twilio-push-notification-what-is-push-notification-50dc60430d7e


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