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re: Please don't do this. Your sentence didn't make sense. You literally said "some don't have beak to drink shape"


Some don't have a spout to drink from.

You don't know our reality. And the literal translation is not enough, that's why I made the question.

Ok. My apologies.

but the same could be said here. You don't know our reality. Careful with saying others don't understand when you are talking about others.

I'd like to register here that the original comment I answered was in Portuguese, and it said "alguns não tem bico para beber forma". It doenst make sense. That was very desrespectful. And Mr Robinson has managed to make it worse, editing it to be in Spanish, saying "Algunos no tienen un pico para beber." Spanish is not a language I'm fluent on and I can't say if this made sense. Particularly I don't know if the term "pico" can be equivalent to "bica", that is a natural source of water, sometimes with a tap installed. This is very common in the Brazil's southeast, and used by low and high income families. I don't know if the English term "spout" would have been suficient for that.

In no way did I mean to offend you. I hope that you will accept my apologies.

Thank you for reminding me why conversing online is a fruitless battle.

Good luck with your endeavors in the future.

A spout is where I get water from as well.

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