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Introducing: iv. A dark vibrant color scheme for vscode

IV (noun) [ī-ˈvē]

is a dark vibrant color scheme intended to be pale attractive and elegant in the eyes of the user. It intends to be high-contrast. Yet preserving a reasonable degree of low-contrast that emphasizes simplicity and readability of the theme.

IV follows the color scheme palette:


With the use of the palette, IV : vscode was created. Take a look with this one.



The official theme (v0.0.3) was up and running in the extension marketplace. Alternatively, you can get the source @ GitHub

💝 Acknowledgment

With these wonderful software/people IV & IV : vscode is made possible (cttro)!

  • - Great tool for creating custom vscode theme with GUI.
  • - Great palette generation.
  • - Website with clean UI for handling hex color codes or rgb (even hsl).
  • - Interface design tool that I use to design mostly all assets. Worth checking out (it offers free plan)

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