Hacktoberfest challenge completed!!

riyam16 profile image Riya Menon ・1 min read

I participated for the first time in Hacktoberfest 2020 and completed the challenge.🎊


I knew nothing about open source before participating in hacktoberfest. I recently joined Github and came to know about the fest while I was exploring github projects. I just thought of giving it a try.


I contributed to tails-Devdojo project which provides custom tailwindCSS components for websites wherein I created a testimonial section having a sticky notes look. The other three contributions were programs for competitive programming helpful in cracking interviews.


Hacktoberfest 2020 has been a beautiful beginning for me to start my open source journey. It helped me gain a fair knowledge of open source giving my confidence a boost. I'm eagerly looking forward to participate in further Hacktoberfests.🥳


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