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Devlog #5: Goodbyes and huge progress

This was both a rough and productive week.

On wednesday I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat. She's been in my life for 16 years and has endured so much with me through all that time, so it's pretty weird not having her around anymore. It's like an odd emptiness fills the house and to some degree myself. I'll get over it, but yeah, that's real life for ya..

But this isn't a lifestyle blog, so let's get on with it.

Pretty huge progress on the game!

Last week I finally wrapped up the conveyor movement, so I had a great foundation to build upon this week.

Well, I say great.. less than great actually, because I realized a round of refactoring was due. So I kicked off the week moving code, renaming things, deleting code..

Then I added a new unit: the distributor. It's a unit that takes inputs and distributes items to outputs. Yes, very obvious :) - but the point is, it's versatile. You can have 3 inputs merge and compact to a single output. Or split an input into 3 outputs. Or any combination, really. What comes in, comes out again, and you decide in which manner. Check the gif in the bottom to see it in action.

So, at this point I had this going: a miner unit producing iron ore that I could transport, merge and split. Next up: a unit that consumes the ore. Take a wild guess? Yup, a smelter. Or, as I call it in game: the crucible. It accepts iron ore and produces iron ingots. Or iron bars. Not sure what to call it yet. You'll also see this in the gif.

On thursday I finally got started on UI. I spent hours searching inspiration from similar games, especially the tycoon genre, but the ones I liked doesn't really fit in all that well with the current art style. So I settled on a super simple round button type UI, which I'm sure will evolve over time. I'm going to need several UI elements, not just buttons to pick units.

So, about circles.. libGDX has a nifty thing called a ShapeRenderer that draws primitive shapes like circles. I tried using that, but the circles ends up pixelated, obviously, because the shapes doesn't have antialiasing. I tried faking AA myself by drawing slightly larger circles with decreasing opacity, and the result was ok-ish, but not as good as I wanted. So in the end I simply opted for a white circle made in Photoshop. In the game I just scale it down and recolor it as needed. Super easy and it looks quite good.

I also added tooltips and went through another big refactor, because having added all the UI stuff there was a lot of housekeeping to be done.

So, here it is:

It may not look like much yet, but it's actually starting to feel like something. It's pretty exciting.

How was your week?

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