Smooth Transactions with TransactionScope

Rion Williams on April 22, 2019

This was originally posted on my blog. In the real world, we deal with transactions all the time, even though we rarely think of them as such. T... [Read Full]
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IMHO one should always be careful with transactions that involve multiple resources. They may not scale so well and lead to synchronization/blocking issues. If the scope grows too big, it's better to split it across small scopes and allow intermediate states in your application.


Hi João,

You are spot on here.

I have another post that’s in the pipeline that specifically talks about some of the issues, caveats, and just things anyone should be cognizant of before trying to handle these type of things (or if they should at all). Thanks again for bringing this up, it’s an important one.


One of the best posts about TransactionScope that I ever seen.
Very well explained, fast reading and with some code example.



First let me say I love TransactionScope. But keep in mind database stuff should be done in the database.

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