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Discussion on: Why does writing code for DynamoDb get my spidey senses tingling?

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I had the same love/hate relationship with DynamoDB because I treated it like an SQL DB.

It is a key-value store with maybe an additional index.
The only retrieval I do now is by key. No scans, minimal filtering. Loving it!

I maintain the relationships and integrity in Postgres. It has only the keys to keep the SQL DB small. All the payload lives in DDB. So far I am very happy with this arrangement.

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Conor Woods Author

Very interested to understand the Postgres bit and how it works Max.
How do you keep the keys updated and what does querying looks like?

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Max • Edited on
  • Reads if ID is known Vue - Appsyn - DDB
  • Reads if ID is not known or related IDs are required: Vue - Appsync - Lambda - get IDs from Postgres - Lambda - DDB batch read - pack it up for Appsync - back to Vue.
  • Search by IDs, relations, dates, numeric, order - same as above
  • Search by text or complex relations: add ElasticSearch to the pic
  • Writes / deletes: Vue - Appsync - Lambda - full record incl IDs into DDB - IDs only into PG

You need to denormalize and partition your data.

This architecture does not work well for anything transactional, but then I would not use DDB for anything transactional either.

You may be better off using Postgres alone if your project is within the size of a single DB server.

Feel free to message me if you want to know more.