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Discussion on: How the ZingSoft Team Uses Notion for Shared Knowledge Management

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Rick Mills

I really want to get into notion more but find there to be so few 'real world' templates and examples out there. The ones they've made are fine but just lack a ton of information and seem too bare bones.

Coda seem to have loads but not sure I like the whole single document kind of view they go for.

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Oh wow ok I was super confused for a second because I thought the Coda you were referring to was the Coda that I use for my web dev projects, but it turns out they're totally different products! I'd never heard of Coda docs before, now I'm curious to check it out!

As for templates, I definitely agree with you about Notion's templates, they're not very helpful and generally don't do a good job of showing what you can do with the product. Coda's do seem to be better geared towards real-world use cases.