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re: Thanks for the very detailed and nice structured post. I have done it that way and it worked fine, until I came to the 51st row of my table. Is the...

Two things come to mind:

  1. The named range may be ending on B50 rather than B1000.
  2. The YouTube API may have limitations on the number of video IDs in a single request. I can't find the definitive answer, but the docs have more info on quota: developers.google.com/youtube/v3/g...

Hey Rick, thanks for a fantastic article — I've got mine all set up looking beautiful! I've also run into the 50 API calls limit and upon research found that it definitely is the ID call with a specific limit, which can't be changed.

To get around this, I've decided to create different sheets for each year's video uploads. However, it seems overkill to duplicate the script for each sheet. I noticed in another reply you mentioned iterating through multiple named ranges. How would I go about referencing either multiple named ranges, or triggering the script multiple times (in the event all named ranges combined are over 50)?


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