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With Python it's quite comfortable to keep it short and focus on the task. When I'm doing Java and TDD I tend to overcomplicate things I feel. Java enforces it's object orientedness on me all the way πŸ™ˆand my code gets overarchitectured with objects, classes etc. While I think, it's still good to train those concepts as well, I already thought that I want to keep it shorter and more to the point, without getting into infrastructure too much.. Thanks a lot for pointing this out again!

Totally love the TDD part for this kind of challenges! I checked out your 2018 solutions but haven't seen any unittest code 😜


I tend not to use unit test frameworks for coding challenges because I like to keep everything in one file and that's not well supported. I tend to use equality assertions in other ways, and tend to focus on testing the given examples end-to-end as that's the only requirements given.

It's a unit of work, not a unitary module. As long as each test is independent of each other, and the environment, it's a unit test.

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