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Hey Jaime,

it's amazing that you "Just do it!" 🚀

I listen a lot of audiobooks, like every day, and I am somewhat picky about narrators. I find it often difficult to follow when the narrator is not a professional.

On the other hand, I love books where the author himself is narrating!

Maybe you could have some training to get the timing and pausing right, I honestly don't know how many authors become so good at narrating their own books.

I know for sure, though, that this is a difficult skill to obtain that needs serious training.

Keep us updated! 👊🏾


Thank you!!! :D I really try to make a habit of just doing things, I find it exhilarating to push through the inertia, the fear, the self doubt and just Boom! :D

Thank you for feedback and taking the time to comment! I think that through the process of narrating and listening to myself I'm learning a lot. I think that the secret sauce is to narrate like if you were talking to a person and not reading. :D I find that when I'm listening to own narration, the parts that I enjoy the most are when I get off the book and I'm actually explaining something (a diagram, drawing or some such) off script.


Exactly! One thing I learned from a speaking class, is how much more powerful your speaking becomes if you imagine visually, when you speak. Having it in front of you in form of a diagram/drawing is basically a similar concept.

With some training, you'll get at your peak performance soon, I'm sure

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