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re: Google cloud storage could be a good option for you, you'll get a permalink and some features for managing your content. This does not apply to ima...

Thanks for the tip with GCP, Joel! I guess I could use AWS for exactly the same or does GCP offer some extra handy stuff?

You are totally right about separation of concerns. In my case it still might make sense since I've open sourced my content on GitHub anyway. This way it's a bit like using a static site generator, like Gatsby or Jekyll, where all the content including files and images is often in one place too.


I really don't know if AWS (or azure) offers a similar product TBH, we use both GCP and AWS and our CTO did the research and ask us to go for GCP so there must be some reason behind this decision, maybe features or cost 😂

When you opensource an app It depends on the way the product is distributed. If people will install the app on them own servers then store the multimedia on the same server it's hosted by default, then they will change it to use a distributed platform such as GCP or not depending on the count and usage of this multimedia or the globalization grade of their market share.

On the other hand if people will make instances of your app using your server it must be deployed into an escalable platform (distributed) in order to deal good performance everywhere, so the multimedia will be stored into some of this CDN like storages such GCP (or another) to avoid unnecessary data replication.

Have you a better idea or a different use case?

Gotcha! I think in terms if hosting your files GCP and AWS will serve the same way and on the scale of a personal blog the cost won’t matter..

By “open-sourcing” I really meant my blog content. You just have your source of truth in GitHub and update on the different platforms accordingly whenever you make any changes.

it's not about hosting, it's about the API for store and retrieve files but yes, there are many ways to deal with that, it's simply a "try and conclude" to choose the best tool for you

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