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Create multi-organization composite vue applications dynamically-rendered

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Introducing collaborative Vue "front end" platform:

  • Vue UIs are rendered dynamically from a json text blob
  • Any organization can create an application by submitting such json text blobs
  • Any organization can also create Vue components and mixins this way
  • Applications can be composed of components from any organization (presented as a single cohesive UI)
  • There is a common user-base for all organizations
  • Every application and component can have its own "back end" accessed via a URL registered with the system
  • Just about any Vue-based application can be "front-ended" on this system
  • Applications are published to the system App Store where any user can subscribe to them
  • Back-endless prototypes can be create with the system's simple db
  • The system has messaging, workflow queues and calendar the content (messages, task and events) of which can contain EMBEDDED APPLICATIONS
  • open source under MIT license
  • available for test drive now at

Think of it as common user management/authentication/user-collaboration combined with a Vue-based "UI-as-a-Service" for any full-stack application back-end but where multi-organization composite applications can be created, seamlessly.

See for more info
OR watch this 2 min YouTube video for a concise preview

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