re: Nuxt Socket.IO: How to Create a Stealth-mode Chat Application in Under 10 minutes VIEW POST

re: Thanks for this tutorial @richardeschloss ...it's exactly what I was looking for. One question..when you say "I wont track your chats"...does the d...

I won't track your chats because I technically can't. The chats only go between your IO clients and IO server. There is no code in the plugin that relays the chats to anywhere else. I believe the same can be said for the underlying EngineIO. However, the beautiful thing with open source is, if anyone does not trust my statement, he/she is free to look in the source code (plugin.js) to search for suspicious code and comment out as much or as little of the code as desired. However, I don't have any such tracking code in my plugin.


@richardeschloss that makes sense, thanks for clarifying :) I'll try it out and let you know if any questions come up!

@kp , If interested, here's a hosted demo. I just deployed it today.

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