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What did you learn this week?

rich1n profile image Richard Rodrigues ・1 min read

This week i learned about hacking basis and bug bounty hunter... so cool.

Next week will practice and learn about JavaScript

And you...
1) What did you learn this week?
2) What will you learn next week?


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I learnt how to rewrite an API I wrote 6 months ago to run serverlessly and saved my client close to $50/day in server costs!


That's brilliant.
Out of curiosity did you have a close idea how much they'd save before you started, or did you just know it'd be a worthwhile amount?

If the former I also curious how you priced doing that work for them? If the details were known in advance it could have been a good opportunity for value based pricing.


For this particular client I am just on a fixed monthly retainer - this month there wasn’t many new features or bug fixes to roll out but the client had requested that I “look into costs”.

I had a pretty good idea of the potential savings when I actually looked at the server running costs and did the math on the invocation costs, but the work itself was just billed into the monthly retainer.

That being said, the learnings from that exercise meant that I spent the weekend going through my client list and figuring out who else I could save a bunch of money that would be under additional billable time!


That's Excelent!!! don't delete your old code...


Thank you, and never!


This week I learned how to authenticate users with Twitter API.
I also learned that the Twitter API doc is pretty messy 😅


Nice. i would like to learn that too.


This post helped me a lot understanding what was going on.

Also, if you are in a JS environment, this two packages makes things really easy:

  • This week I learnt to build a custom hook in React and also wrote my first blog post as a web developer in dev.to. You can check it out Here. Will love to here feedback from you guys. 😊
  • From next week I have to start my studies for the upcoming semester. 😞

Cool, Firebase is on my list to learn.


I ignored firebase for some time. But at the end because of my internship I had to learn it...and now guess what...I'm kind of enjoying using firestore. 😅


What I learned about Java last week...

The == operator works on primitive types (int, boolean, float, ...) but not on their wrapper counterparts (Integer, Boolean, Float). For the wrappers, it's memory location comparison. Yes, even for Boolean. For example, 3 == 3 will return true, however new Integer(3) == new Integer(3) will return false . Using auto-boxing (e.g. Integer x = 3;) amounts to the same as using Integer.valueOf(int). This method caches a certain range of values (-128 to +128), so anything within this range will produce Integer objects where == actually does work (they refer to the same memory address!), but use anything outside this range and == stops working on the wrapper Integer.

The predefined .hashCode() method on enum literals is implicitly final (cannot be overwritten) is not consistent across JVM restarts. The same literal of the same enum will have a different .hashCode() every time you restart the JVM. In comparison, all primitives, their wrappers, and things like String, as well as all collections thereof, in fact do have consistent hash codes across JVM restarts, which makes enums a weird corner case.

  • This week I've been learning about Jekyll and CSS to create my portfolio in Github pages. I already knew some basics of frontend development, but now that I dive more deeply in it, I realize it unlocks a lot of creativity!
  • Next week I will let myself surprise me! 😝

SUCCESS!!! you'll do!


It has been an exciting week as Laravel 8 and Laravel Jetstream got released!

I've learned what Laravel Jetstream is and how to get started.


Cool, Laravel... it's on my list but first i need PHP...


I actually learnt something that is not quite related to coding. I learnt that I function better when I sleep early and wake up early compared to the late alternatives


I'm learning that too... it's important a good sleep for better code; a lot of people think that work better at midnight: the brain work better by day (serotonin and a lot of thing our brain do to work). try now to learn about productivity techniques like pomodoro or eat the frog... you will surprise!!!


Interesting. I would check those out.


1) I learn frequently about DevOps, specifically Prometheus and Grafana. Because today I need to use them in my work, and they are pretty good software for management and monitoring. Look if you are dev, analyst, or anyway, I recommend you study about them.

2) In the next week, I need to study English a lot, So I'm a Brazilian person and I have big difficult to learn English and today, I really need English mainly for a conversation, because in my work have American people and I have a difficult for a conversation with them.


voce tem que estudar ingles para ganhar mais dinerinho. muita saúde.


1) This week I learned about graphic design elements of composition, color theory, color space, using gimp. A little bit on how to create VS Code extensions and a subset of LaTex how to configure a settings.json and launch.json.

2)I want to continue with graphic design, vs code extension, react and advance css.


Start with Figma; there's a lot of tutorials over there.


I started learning react. I saw there is lot of demand of react developers which made me think, what's so special about it. I already have knowledge about Angular and Vue, so I bought a Udemy course and started it. I'll complete that course within next week.


This week I learnt to build state-management using just vanilla JS. Still a lot to go on the UI but the project is going well! (Simple modular reference app for artists).

Next week I'll learn how to build a sleek, responsive UI featuring toggle-buttons with more than 2 states (again via vanilla JS).

It's really refreshing to build something without extensive tooling or a framework.


I learned how to lazy load components in angular 2x
Had a tab that could potentially be huge and needed to support large scale of components.
Decided to lazy load the components to chunk up the load time . Worked amazingly ( with inputs and outputs )

Was very proud that piece of code 😇


1) I finished the "Design Systems with React & Storybook" course on frontendmasters.com created by Emma Bostian

2) I think that I'm going to start to learn Figma to be more effective in using this tool in the future.


Figma is a great SaaS for design and prototyping. go for it.


This week I learnt about Git hooks and more on how to write Typescript declaration files for packages


I brushed up on feature testing in Laravel and added test coverage for a bug I found in my coffee side project. I also setup my first CI and CD process (also for Laravel).

Also got injured and learned not to ignore my nerd-neck and to prioritize those postural fixes when I've recovered.


Watched tons of videos about Event Loop, asynchronous JavaScript etc


JavaScript... love and hate in the same program.


this week i learn about async/await function and how to use it in a personal project


I leaned how to create presentation video with PowerPoint.


practice well about... do you use office 365 powerpoint? try Google Presentation too... have a nice tools on cloud... and the: learn slides.com/


I dove deeper into web accessibility practices— specifically around what using assistive technology looks like, and why things like using labels and correct semantics are important.

Next week, I want to look at accessibility tools available in Rails.


I build a GitHub Action called todoist-readme this week!, It was awesome working with GitHub Actions.


I learned Regular Expressions and Debugging in Javascript this week
I'll learn Basic Data Structure next week


I have learned some advance concepts about javascript .


I came to know about the hilbert curve , find it really cool

learn about how to implement location based services using geospatial apis of mongo db.


This week I learned how to get a user’s geolocation and convert it to an address with the MapQuest API.


This week, i'm solved easy problem in leetcode


I learnt React Context API and Hooks this week and it was so fun!


This week a learned how High Order Functions and closures work in Javascript, this is a part of a Udemy course.


I learnt more React Native techniques.