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Discussion on: Architecture as a burden

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Riccardo Messineo

Great post,
and I'd love to read more about how you solved these issues.
Easy if you could just restart from scratch, but I really don't think you could every time... :)


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SCHREIBER Christophe Author

Unfortunately, I didn't have the occasion to solve all these problems. The team and the management was often conscious of the situation, but it was difficult to spend enough time on technical subjects compared to the business requiring new features. But in some cases, we were able to achieve a lot regarding decoupling with other applications: removing all dependencies to other teams classes, using REST APIs (using Spring Remote HTTP mechanism to avoid a big bang change), replacing communication via database with REST APIs or messaging... We also started to use our own database schema, while still feeding the lecacy one, so that we could progressively migrate to our own model, but this will be quite a long road!