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Discussion on: Read selected text out-loud on Ubuntu Linux

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Ricardo Hincapie

It works and, as you say, it's just OK. The voice is way too robotic to really help to improve one's pronunciation. Any clue if there's a source to get different voices which can be inputted with better pronuciation?

I did espeak -a 200 -p 60 -v en-gb since it is a British project in its beginning and the pronunciation is a little bit less robotic.

You may try out different pronunciations listed in speak --voices

Thanks for the post, bu the way! I also miss the old Mac reader.

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Tyler Smith Author

Thanks for reading the post, Ricardo!

Yeah... it's less than ideal. I've had some ideas on how to make a better version, but they're more effort than I'm willing to put in at the moment since I primarily use MacOS. If I ever switch over to Linux full-time, I'll make something better and drop a comment here so you get notified.