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re: Phaser could be a good fit. I think if I go Phaser, I won't need WASM, and if I go WASM, I probably won't need Phaser. I'm leaning further toward...

I'm leaning further towards the C++ route for this experiment, though - I'm writing more and more C++ for school as well and find the constant context switching in the course of a day slows me down.


I hadn't looked at Skia - have you used it?

I haven't used Skia but it's the rendering engine for Android and Flutter and Firefox on some platforms (I think only Windows), so it's probably battle tested :)

I've used SDL a long time ago through Python and PyGame, I don't have recent info on SDL but IIRC it's still going strong!

Ah, cool! Can't be terrible then :) I'll give it a closer look, thanks again. I think it sits at exactly the level I'm looking for in a rendering library

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