re: Do you use time-tracking for work or for your personal time? VIEW POST


I only time track work hours that I have to bill, using Toggl. I don't track personal time.

I use a Pomodoro timer (not very religiously to be honest) as well.


Thanks for sharing. I used toggle for a while but it didn't stick.
I had used hamster tracker for a longer time, it's a native Linux app and I loved it. Then they started rewriting it, but at some point, both legacy and a new app stopped working on my machine. It was not essential for my work, but it was useful when I had to work on more than one project in one day and track them separately.
As for the Pomodoro, I don't use it religiously as well because I don't like:

  • having a break when I don't want to
  • too short breaks I experiment with the length from time to time, but usually I just track half-hours of focused work (often w/o breaks in between) and 15-min intervals for writing.
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