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re: measuring things that don't actually matter to the paying customer Implying there are paying customers :) A lot of what is being worked on is int...

The devs are 3 levels removed from stakeholders
And our actual users are the employees several layers down from the stakeholders

Are the end users part of the team?

One of the principles is "customer collaboration", where the customer (or a representative of them) should be part of the team.

If you're "making a thing" for who knows who, no wonder you feel that way :D

Are the end users part of the team?

Nope! The product's three-letter-acronym person at the top talks to the customer, who is the stakeholder, and people several organizational levels below the stakeholder are the ones actually using the thing that the stakeholder bought (it's a sister company, so we know of their org structure but aren't coworkers).

The stakeholder has access to our Jira as a part owner of the product, but what they want and what the person actually logging in to the system want are quite different.

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