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re: Im constantly sadden by Item 1 from the Agile Manifesto: "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" Too many people out there in ...

Too many people out there in the industry, trying to push Agile as a solution to problem X... Without understanding this first line.

It would be weird if we were invaded by buzzwords at each stratum of software development but not on the methodology level. Judging by the amount of books, courses, silver bullets, variations of agile, self anointend gurus and so on, it's perfectly understandable that meanings get lost in the process.

On this website we debate all the time about the viability of this or that approach, of this or that technology, it's not easy to debate the viability of different approaches to develope software as a whole or to manage teams only by the cover.

Ben's approach, to be always changing and refining, it's probably the most functional, but as you said, many people read an article or a book, decide it makes sense because they used it successfully in company X and then use Agile as a hammer. Kinda like some devs use microservices as a hammer because they used them successfully at Netflix ;-)

I'm guilty of using my favorite programming language as a hammer in the past.

This "agile confusion" we're in is understandable and Jira's complexity doesn't help.

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