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I can't answer for others but I can answer for myself: I switched to a Mac 12 years ago when Windows wasn't any good and I was fed up with Linux on my Dell. I wanted an easy desktop OS where I could develop as well. OSX was the perfect choice and I was never happier. My first Mac lasted 4 years and I sold it to an acquaintance, my latest Mac has lasted 5/6 years (the one in between was stolen) and it's still going which makes it a worth investement (I also bought it refurbished from the Apple Store :D). The few times I have had to interact with Windows 10 I hated it (but I admit it's also because I haven't used Windows daily in a decade).

I don't know what will happen next because in my opinion Mac prices have gone up and the quality has gone down but my experience so far with Macs as computers has been stellar. I would probably have a different opinion if I had a post 2015 Mac? I don't know.

I've had to change the original HDD for a SDD and add 8 more gigs to this computer but I'm determined to see how far I can go with it (basically until developers will keep shaving off resources from their apps or until my habits change).

So, this is my "why I'm using a Mac". Maybe in the future I'll change, who knows.

FYI: I am using 64G on my home laptop and 128G on my most used computer. Guess why?

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