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I believe you do care about the community and I enjoy the content you post but Aleksei, let's be intellectually honest: you do also care about yourself, otherwise your post wouldn't be full of your personal opinions.

Even now you're talking about "the meaning and value of the word dev" like there's only one way to interpret such word or everyone here has the same experience and interests as you.

Personally I've changed my mind at least a couple of times about what we all do for work and passion on here :D The meaning of the word dev for me is not the same now that it was when I was in middle school or when I was super excited at my first job at a financial company.

ps. using the expression "intellectual honesty" I'm not implying you're dishonest on purpose, just that by reading your comments I get the impression that your own view of the world is sometimes packaged as objective fact

you do also care about yourself, otherwise your post wouldn't be full of your personal opinions

I doubt I understand how it makes a deductive reasoning. Everything we share is nothing but personal opinions. Objective facts exist if and only if axiomatics is complete and consistent and that’s not what happens to humanity.

Thanks for the formal explanation :D

What I meant is more nuanced (and your answer confirmed my doubts actually): by saying "I do not care about me, I care about the community" and with your initial post's choice of words added what is coming across is "I know the definition of community, you have to do this, that and also that, otherwise you'll fail because there are no other possible permutations for a thriving community".

I don't think is perfect but, it seems like you disagree on this, for example the code of conduct is something I really appreciate. You might not, but we can both co-exist on this platform and collaborate.

If you truly, truly couldn't do this you would have already left without sounding the alarm about what bothers you which is a good thing.

Anyhow, since you do not care much about discussing tone or people's feelings: I put forth a possible implementation of the "blacklist" here, we can discuss that in its thread

A possible improvement on a plain "ignore tag" feature could be the following.

Let's say you decide that "react" is something you don't really care about and you tell the platform to ignore the tag.

If you agree, the platform will send you a monthly email of the best React articles and their best comments in the tags you've ignored. Humans aren't perfect, sometimes they forget to add all the relevant tags or instead the post is tagged "react" but it's not about the technology per se but part of a larger discourse on frontend development.

This way you're not totally disconnected to what goes on in that other part of the website. You can still unsubscribe from the digest but maybe this will spark some interest or a conversation if the title captures your attention.

Instead of the email, which I'm sure some would dislike - even if it's the easiest to implement, you might have a new section on the website of such "best of ignored tags".

You don’t hear me: I am fine with whatever exists, and when I am not, I am creating my own implementation of that from the scratch.

That is not about me. I know how to blacklist whatever I want and AdBlock + Greasemonkey do their job for me perfectly.

There are some smart, engaged people here trying to brainstorm solutions to the critiques that you’ve presented. However, this thing you’re doing where you claim you’re not speaking for yourself but for some unseen developer who cannot speak for themselves allows you to dodge any and all ideas. All you have to say is “this isn’t about me!”

Maybe you should make this about you and express your opinions and feelings. Argue the ideas presented on the merits that you see in them. Stop moving the goalpost because no one is correctly engaging the imaginary construct of developer you think you’re arguing for. Rhymes is trying to engage you honestly and I’d love to know what you actually think about these ideas rather than just get snippy and change the subject.

There are some smart, engaged people here trying to brainstorm solutions to the critiques that you’ve presented.

That’s great and I could not wish more. I am not as smart, neither engaged—so I did my best—I threw the critiques for those who are able to handle it. Why should I continue to participate in the discussion in the first place?

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